Olympus RS-32 Transcription Hand Controller

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An alternative to a transcription foot control

The Olympus hand controller is made for more than "just" transcription.

  • Ergonomic 3 button layout
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Plug & Play transcription via USB
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3-Button Hand Controller

The Olympus RS-32 Hand Control unit can be detached from the wrist rest in case you want to be mobile. Either for comfortable transcription on location or to control a voice recorder from the distance. The ergonomic button design allows to easily find a particular button without looking at it. Non‑slip mats underneath the hand controller guarantee that the unit stays at the right place.

  • Remote recording function to control voice recorders
  • Individually configurable buttons via software
  • Universal form to fit with various keyboards and notebooks
  • Soft silicon rubber‑pads on wrist rest for comfortable transcription
  • Detachable hand wrist rest to be flexible and mobile
  • Dictation playback control of voice recording when connected with docking station
  • Long and durable USB cable
  • Odd‑shaped surface to set the natural hand positioning
  • Ergonomic button layout for operation by thumbs or heel of hand
  • Nonslip Mat Urethane foam with a high coefficient of friction
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