Memory Cards & USB Cables / Adapters

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Spare and replacement dictation USB cables and power supplies.

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    Philips ACC0034 Replacement SpeechMike Cable
  2. Philips LFH9034 USB Audio Adapter
    Converts any 3.5mm headset to USB for improved audio quality
  3. Olympus KA-333 Audio Cable
    Dubbing cable with 3.5mm & 2.5mm jacks included
  4. Olympus KP-30 Micro USB Cable
    Replacement cable for Olympus DS-9500, DS-9000 & DS-2600
  5. Olympus KP-21 Mini USB Cable
    Replacement cable for Olympus DS‑7000, DS-5000 series
  6. Olympus KP-13 USB Foot Control Cable
    Replacement adapter for Olympus RS-28H & RS-31H foot controls
  7. Olympus F5AC Power Adaptor
    For Olympus CR-21, CR-15 & CR10 Docking Stations
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