Body-worn Video Camera's

Personal Body Cameras

Reliable & robust body worn cameras

Rely on a personal body camera with audio and video recording capabilities for crystal clear evidence recording.

Although body worn cameras are mostly used by people who work in the law enforcement sector, Dictate 360 stocks body cameras for citizens to use too. Some users require a body worn camera to record evidence to present to the police later on. A small body camera can also be handy for people who are being harassed by stalkers or who get involved in an accident and need evidence to claim insurance.

Our body cameras for citizens can also be used for entertainment purposes, such as recording festivals and concerts. These small body cameras can even record sporting activities like cycling, hiking and climbing to capture every exciting moment that happens.

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    Philips DVT-3120 Video Tracer Body-worn video & audio recorder
    Philips DVT-3120 VideoTracer Body-worn Camera
    Suitable for security & law enforcement personnel
    Special Price AUD$439.00 Regular Price AUD$499.00
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Dictate 360 can help you find a first-rate personal body camera with audio and video recording abilities that’s perfect for recording footage that can be used as evidence or for simply capturing the moment. Call Dictate 360 today on 1300 551 778 for help finding a suitable personal body camera for your needs.