Audio, Voice & Music Recorders

Portable Audio Recorders

Record lectures, capture music demos or enhance the audio for your video blog

A high-quality voice recorder allows users to dictate their ideas right away and have them saved as digitally recorded audio files. Dictate 360's range of portable audio recorders from Olympus and Philips allows you to easily capture your audio in a variety of file formats - in any environment. These sound recorder devices record remarkably clear audio that can be very easily understood when listened to later on or used for transcription applications.

Small Voice Recorders

Where you record audio matters, as the space may have bad acoustics or have a lot of people making noise. This can make recording lectures and interviews in public places very hard. This is why using a high-quality voice recorder is essential. These mini voice recorders contain smart recording and playback functions that are designed to produce the clearest recordings possible.

Music Recorders

Dictate 360 stocks state-of-the-art music recorders with effective microphones that can capture music with excellent definition and clarity.

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  1. Olympus WS-883 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for recording notes and interviews
  2. Olympus WS-882 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for recording notes and interviews
  3. Olympus VP-10 Pen Style Voice Recorder
    Discontinued: Upgrade to the Olympus VP-20!
    Out of stock
  4. Olympus DM-720 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for small meetings and interviews
  5. Sale
    Philips DVT-8110 Voice Tracer Meeting Recorder Kit includes Philips 9172 Boundary Conference Microphone
    Philips DVT-8110 VoiceTracer Meeting Recorder Kit
    Portable Meeting Kit. With app for remote control & instant sharing
    Special Price AUD$325.00 Regular Price AUD$349.00
  6. Philips DVT-7110 VoiceTracer with Video Shooting Kit
    Pefect for video bloggers. With app for remote control & instant sharing
  7. Philips DVT-6110 VoiceTracer Music & Audio Recorder
    Record music demos. With app for remote control & instant sharing
  8. Philips DVT-2110 VoiceTracer Audio Recorder
    Perfect for recording interviews & conversations
  9. Sale
    Philips DVT-3120 Video Tracer Body-worn video & audio recorder
    Philips DVT-3120 VideoTracer Body-worn Camera
    Suitable for security & law enforcement personnel
    Special Price AUD$439.00 Regular Price AUD$499.00
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