Dictation Software & Apps

Create a dictation & transcription workflow to suit how & where you work

Classic dictate / transcribe desktop software with networking capabilities or a complete dictation / transcription cloud solution to allow your team to create and access dictations from any computer or location.  Consider adding a voice recognition solution to further enhance your productivity. 

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  1. Olympus ODMS Pro Dictation R7 Software
    Per license. Windows 10 Compatible.
  2. AUD$220.00
  3. AUD$99.00
  4. AUD$99.00
  5. Olympus AS-57 Web SCP - Workgroup Admin Software
    Supports Citrix & Windows Remote Desktop environments
  6. Philips Voice Recorder App with Dictation Hub Service
    Annual subscription. Send via email or FTP
  7. Olympus ODDS Mobile Dictation App Subscription
    Annual Subscription. Sends via email or FTP.
  8. SpeechLive Cloud Dictation Solution
    Ideal work-from-home option. Windows & Mac Compatible.
  9. Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate V11 Software
    2-year license. Windows 10 compatible.
  10. Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe V11 Software
    2-year license. Windows 10 compatible.
  11. SpeechExec Enterprise V7 Dictation Solution
    Universal & concurrent licensing with central administration
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