Docking Stations

Docking stations for your digital dictation solution.

Genuine docking stations/cradles provide an easy way for you to connect and download your dictations to the computer whilst reducing the wear and tear on the recorder. 

Our range of docks suit

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  1. Olympus CR-21 Docking Station
    Replaces Olympus CR-15 Docking Station
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    Philips ACC8120 Docking Station : Docking Cradle for Philips DPM8000, DPM6000 Pocket Memo Voice Recorders
    Philips ACC-8120 Docking Station
    For DPM8000, DPM6000 series voice recorders
    Special Price AUD$150.00 Regular Price AUD$163.90
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    Philips ACC4000 SpeechMike Premium Air Docking Station
    Philips ACC-4000 Docking Station
    For SpeechMike Premium Air SMP4000 & 4010
    Special Price AUD$229.00 Regular Price AUD$246.60
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    Philips SpeechOne Dock with status light : Philips ACC6000 Dock
    Special Price AUD$268.00 Regular Price AUD$310.20
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