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High-quality meeting recorders & microphones

Using the right conference microphone or voice recorder can make a significant difference to the sound quality during important conferences. Never miss a word. Capture your meetings, interviews, lectures and telephone conversations with a high-quality audio recorder from Dictate 360’s range of task-specific conference room microphones.

Conference Microphones

Every conference room microphone we stock is made to produce excellent sound quality and minimise the amount of background noise being picked up, ensuring everyone involved in the meeting will be heard without any issue. Speak to our experts and let us know the conditions of your conference room, such as how big the conference room and table are and how the seats are arranged. We’ll then be able to recommend a suitable conference room microphone.

If your conference room is particularly big, or if the table everyone will be sitting at is very long and wide, we will recommend a suitable wireless conference microphone that will be able to pick up what everyone is saying.

Dictate 360 also has USB conference microphones that can be plugged into a PC or laptop to produce optimal sound quality and keep volume level spikes and drops to a minimum. These are recommended for instances where meetings are taking place in a smaller room or table.

Digital Voice Recorders

If you need to record what will be said during an important conference, meeting or interview, our first-rate Olympus and Philips digital voice recorders can get the job done. The recorded conversation will be saved as a secure audio file. Users can connect their digital voice recorder to their laptop or PC to transfer and save files for future reference.

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  1. Olympus WS-883 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for recording notes and interviews
  2. Olympus WS-882 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for recording notes and interviews
  3. Sale
    Philips DPM-8900 Pocket Memo Conference Recording Kit : Meeting Recorder : Interview Recorder
    Special Price AUD$1,475.00 Regular Price AUD$1,801.80
  4. Sale
    Philips DVT-8110 Voice Tracer Meeting Recorder Kit includes Philips 9172 Boundary Conference Microphone
    Philips DVT-8110 VoiceTracer Meeting Recorder Kit
    Portable Meeting Kit. With app for remote control & instant sharing
    Special Price AUD$325.00 Regular Price AUD$349.00
  5. Philips DVT-7110 VoiceTracer with Video Shooting Kit
    Pefect for video bloggers. With app for remote control & instant sharing
  6. Philips DVT-6110 VoiceTracer Music & Audio Recorder
    Record music demos. With app for remote control & instant sharing
  7. Olympus VP-10 Pen Style Voice Recorder
    Discontinued: Upgrade to the Olympus VP-20!
    Out of stock
  8. SoundTech GN-USB-2 Goose-Neck Microphone
    Desktop microphone for dictation & speech recognition
  9. Sale
    Olympus ME-30W Conference Microphone Kit : Meeting & Conference Microphones
    Special Price AUD$595.00 Regular Price AUD$649.00
  10. Sale
    Philips LFH9172 Conference Microphone. Meeting microphone.
    Special Price AUD$299.00 Regular Price AUD$330.00
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Dictate 360 offers USB conference microphones and wireless conference microphones, as well as digital voice recorders, that can capture conversations with the perfect clarity. Contact us today by calling 1300 551 778 for more information our conference microphone and digital voice recorder products.