Dragon Pro Anywhere Speech Recognition - 12-Mth Subscription

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AI-Powered, Cloud-based Speech Recognition

Automatic speech-to-text directly into your application - anywhere!

Dragon Professional Anywhere is the latest cloud-based speech recognition solution by Nuance.  Empowering users with the ability to dictate using their own, AI-powered, individualized Dragon voice profile directly into their workflow on their computer or iOS / Android device via the Dragon Anywhere Mobile App.

Dragon Professional Anywhere 1 Year Upfront Subscription includes;

  • Implementation & Setup
  • 1-hour End-User Training (Remote, One-on-One)
  • All Software Updates & Upgrades
  • Unlimited Technical Support via VoiceX (Australian Based)
  • Free Dragon Anywhere Mobile App for dictation on your iOS or Android device

Please allow up to 24 hours for your unique Dragon Professional Anywhere Subscription login and profile to be created.

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Why Dragon Professional Anywhere?

Being a hosted-cloud service, Dragon Professional Anywhere allows authors to work from any location - especially beneficial for remote workers.  Dictation enables authors to create more detailed and accurate documentation 3x faster than typing - now with 99% accuracy with no voice profile training. Accents are no longer a concern with automatic accent adjustment.

Buy Dragon Professional Anywhere with confidence

Hosted in Australia with Australian based technical support & user training

VoiceX is one of Australia's largest dictation & voice recognition specialists.  We are proud to be a fully authorised Nuance Reseller, Technical Support and Training Partner our in-house  - Australian based - technical support team services clients across all states of Australia and New Zeland.

You Dragon Professional Anywhere subscription includes;

  • Access on any computer*
  • Free Dragon Anywhere Mobile App for iOS and Android devices
  • Unlimited Technical Support via VoiceX - Australia's leading speech recognition & dictation specialist
  • End-User Training - 1-hour, one-on-one, remotely
  • Software Updates, Upgrades & Feature enhancements Included and delivered automatically

Also, VoiceX can also provide;

  • Optional on-site support and training services
  • Additional & advanced user training programs
  • Advanced custom command writing and distribution
  • Custom word list creation
*NB: Dragon Professional Anywhere is a cloud-based solution and requires an active internet connection and a Windows operating system. Please refer to the PC Requirements for further details.

Faster transcription and higher quality documentation

Speech recognition boosts productivity

As most people speak over 120 wpm, but only type less than 40 wpm speech recognition is - on average - over 3x faster than typing. The dynamic cloud solution of Dragon Professional - Dragon Professional Anywhere, plus the included Dragon Anywhere Mobile App, allows authors to dictate directly into their workflow, documentation, emails and more from any computer or smartphone/tablet device, enabling them to quickly, accurately and easily capture critical details - naturally.

Dictate freely with no limit on productivity

Use Dragon Professional Anywhere Speech Recognition software and the included Dragon Anywhere Mobile App on an unlimited number of computers - with no dictation / speech-to-text limits.  As with all Nuance Dragon products, Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) is licensed per author.

Greater speech recognition accuracy and automatic accent detection

Dragon Professional Anywhere requires no voice profile training and is up to 99% accurate at first use.  Advanced speech profile enhancements including automatic accent adjustments and microphone calibration provide greater speech recognition accuracy and lower word error rate in the transcription.

Speech recognition that is easy to install, maintain and scale

Dragon Professional Anywhere is a one-click installation that requires no complex configuration and automatic updates - meaning less work for your IT staff and less hassle for the end-user.  Users can be up and running within a matter of minutes.

Secure and compliant

Dragon Professional Anywhere employs secure encryption methods throughout the workflow for security and confidentiality in public sector settings, like the legal industry, government sector, financial and social services. Our cloud voice recognition solutions feature 99.5% uptime and run on geographically dispersed, active-active, data centres hosted on Microsoft Azure hosting infrastructure.  Dragon Professional Anywhere is securely hosted in Australia.

Budget-friendly, all-inclusive subscription options

The all-inclusive subscription options for Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) make it easy to plan budgets with predictable expenses.  Several subscription options are available including PAYG month to month, quarterly and annual.  Volume discounts also apply.

All Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud-based Speech Recognition Subscriptions include the Dragon Anywhere Mobile App, all technical support, setup and end-user training. 

Flexibility to choose the best microphone to suit your way of working

Dragon Professional Anywhere and Dragon Anywhere Mobile app allows you to use the internal microphone of your computer or phone/tablet device.  However, not all microphones are created equal.  Selecting the right kind of microphone to suit how you dictate, where you dictate and what applications you dictate into is can make all the difference when it comes to your speech recognition accuracy.  We recommend viewing a range of dictation microphones and computer / Bluetooth headsets for best dictation accuracy.

See our range of tested and recommended dictation microphones/headsets suitable for use with Dragon speech recognition

Work better, faster and smarter with accurate dictation and transcription

Voice Recognition, Speech Recognition Australia. Dragon Dictate.
Fast, accurate and highly customisable speech-to-text dictation

Fast, extremely responsive, and highly accurate out-of-the-box enterprise speech recognition with speech profiles that can be easily accessed across multiple devices.

Automatic speech recognition dictation software update for Dragon Professional Anywhere
Always the latest speech recognition engine

Dragon Professional Anywhere's Cloud-based speech recognition technology ensures knowledge workers and field professionals have access to the most recent updates and all users are working with the same dictation software version.

Dragon Professional Anywhere cloud speech recognition software is easy to install
Speech recognition software that is easy to install and maintain

No complex configurations, one-click installation and automatic software updates mean less hassle for your employees and less work for you IT. Staff can be up and running in a matter of minutes - in most cases without the need for administrator access.

Dragon Professional Anywhere Voice Recognition in the cloud.
Leverage Nuance Deep Learning technology

With a next-generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon Professional Anywhere achieves high speech-to-text recognition accuracy while dictating, even for users with accents or those working in an open office or mobile environments

Dragon Professional Anywhere Transcription Anchor Focus Dictation Feature
Transcription Anchor Focus

Allows knowledge workers and field professionals to anchor the text transcription within a particular document, even as they have their cursor and mouse positioned in another window (i.e. when referencing a web-page).

Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition software features dictation support for thin client hardware and Citrix environments
Thin Client Support

Dragon Professional Individual features support for thin client hardware, server virtualisation, as well as Citrix environments. DPA speech recognition allows for fast and easy integration into existing IT infrastructure.

Dragon Professional Anywhere is supported in virtualised environments such as Citrix, VMware, Remote Desktop
Dictation support for virtualised environments

Support for Citrix XenApp®, Citrix XenDesktop®, VMware® Horizon View, RDSH Server or Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services is featured within Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition solution, enabling users to dictate from workstations and thin clients.

Dragon Professional Anywhere features 256-bit encryption
256-bit Encrypted Data

The Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition client connects to a server component that is installed using 256-bit encryption. Dictation data is encrypted in transit and at rest

Dragon Professional Anywhere features Nuance Management Centre for central admin of dictation users
Cloud-based speech recognition with central user administration

The Nuance Management Center makes it easy to track employee usage of Dragon, redistribute licenses based on usage, and manage or share customisations - including custom words, commands and auto-texts across multiple dictation users

Free dictation speech recognition app with Dragon Professional AnywhereDragon Anywhere Mobile

The included speech recognition app for iOS and Android devices

Included at no extra cost with your Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition subscription is the Dragon Anywhere Mobile app.  Dragon Anywhere Mobile is a professional-grade mobile dictation app allowing users to create, edit and format documents of any length and share information directly from a mobile device.

Your work doesn't stop when you are in the field and away from your PC. Whether you are a financial adviser, a police officer or a case-worker, Dragon Anywhere Mobile extends your ability to capture critical information at the point of interaction.

To help keep busy professionals productive, customisations—like an Auto-Text or unique verbal commands—created in Dragon Anywhere Mobile are automatically synchronised with Dragon Professional Anywhere and vice versa. This allows work started in the field to easily be completed at the office.

VoiceX recommends the following minimum specifications for Dragon Professional Anywhere:

  • OS: 64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, with latest patches applied
  • .NET: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (or higher) is required
  • Processor : Intel Core or AMD Ryzen CPU
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internet Connection: 1Mbit or higher
  • Microphones: A microphone recommended for speech recognition. Please view the "Microphones Recommended for Speech Recognition" page for a full range of dictation microphones.  The internal microphone of your PC / phone will suffice, however, accuracy may suffer if dictating in noisier environments or if your inbuilt microphone is of poorer quality.
  • Web Browser: We recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

Internet Access Requirements for Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud-based Speech Recognition

Dragon Professional Anywhere is a cloud-based speech recognition solution. Certain sites may have firewall rules and/or content filters which limit internet access. In some cases, you may need to request your IT administrator to provide you access to the following Internet domains and ports.

URL Address





Software distribution and installation, training videos.



Secure channel for speech recognition service.

Dragon Professional Anywhere Technical Support and Training in Australia 

If you require any further technical information, support or advice regarding Dragon Professional Anywhere please call our fully Nuance authorised Dragon Support Team at VoiceX.

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