VEC LRX-40 USB Telephone Recording Adapter

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LRX USB Telephone Logger Patch

Partner the VEC LRX-40USB with your choice of recording software and record directly from the phone to your computer.

  • Designed for PC or MacDigital quality audio
  • Record level adjustment dial
  • Handset compatibility selector switch
  • Multi-colour LED mode indicator
  • Included 4' USB A-B cable
  • CE/FCC Approved

Note: Recording software not included

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Engineered to compliment your telephone logging software

Advanced connection protection for all your recorded calls

The VEC LRX-40USB Telephone Logger Patch is engineered with the latest in recording adapter technology.  The quick-connect logger link from your telephone to your computer (Windows or Mac) provides clear, crisp audio of all your recorded telephone conversations.

Gone are your concerns of omissions, oversights, inaccuracies and misunderstandings.  

VEC LRX-40USB features;
  • Windows & Mac compatible USB connection
  • Compatible with both digital and analogue telephones
  • Integrated handset selector switch (matches multiple handset wiring configurations)
  • Record Level Control Dial 
  • Detatchable USB Cable
  • Multi-colour LED mode indicator
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