Dictation & Transcription Accessory Specialists 

VEC Electronics Corporation was founded in 1982, with the goal of developing a line of high quality, well-priced dictation, transcription and audio accessories. For over 30 years, VEC Electronics has occupied a unique niche in the industry, with only one objective, to provide our customers with the highest quality dictation and transcription products at the lowest cost. This has been our mission and our commitment since the beginning.

VEC offers a full line of products designed to meet and exceed our customers' high standards. This includes high-performance headsets, foot controls, microphones, telephone and smartphone recording devices, cassettes, plug adapters, and power supplies. All of these products, both digital and analogue, have been engineered to VEC's highest quality standards.

VEC business products are offered through a vast global network of Distributors and Resellers.

VoiceX Communications is proud to be a fully authorised distributor for the complete range of VEC products.  Reseller enquiries welcome.

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  1. SoundTech HP-USB Multimedia USB Headset
    Pefect headset for home schooling
  2. Infinity IN-USB-2 Transcription Foot Control
    3-pedal design USB foot control
  3. Spectra SP-300BT Wireless Transcription Headset
    Compatible with all transcription software
  4. AUD$85.00
  5. AUD$55.00
  6. AUD$85.00
  7. AUD$79.00
  8. AUD$55.00
  9. Infinity INS-USB Single Pedal Waterproof Foot Control
    Single-pedal, waterproof design USB foot control
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