Olympus is true to life

At Olympus, we are passionate about the medical technologies, life sciences, industrial solutions, cameras and audio products that we bring to the world. We are truly proud of the way they positively impact people's lives.

As a precision technology leader, we craft innovative optical and digital solutions that help make people's lives healthier, safer and more ful­filling every day. And everyone here at Olympus helps make that happen. We're invested in people, great ideas, and how they impact the com­munities around us. We see the world through multiple lenses and come together to find the right answers; the best solutions.

VoiceX is proud to be a fully authorised Olympus reseller, technical support and training partner for the entire audio and professional dictation product suite.

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  1. Olympus LI-92B Rechargeable Battery
    For Olympus DS-9500, DS-9000 & DS-2600
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    Olympus DS9000 Dictation Recorder Kit with Olympus AS9000 Transcription Kit. Dictaphone and Transcriber -  Windows 10 and Apple Mac OS compatible. Includes transcription USB foot control and transcriber headset.
    Olympus Dictation & Transcription Pro Starter Kit
    Everything you need for 1x author & 1x typist
    Special Price AUD$955.00 Regular Price AUD$1,185.00
  3. Olympus VP-10 Pen Style Voice Recorder
    Discontinued: Upgrade to the Olympus VP-20!
    Out of stock
  4. Olympus WS-852 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for recording notes and interviews
  5. Olympus WS-853 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for recording notes and interviews
  6. Olympus DM-720 Digital Voice Recorder
    Perfect for small meetings and interviews
  7. Olympus CS-150 Voice Recorder Case
    Suits Olympus LS & DM voice recorder range
  8. Olympus KP-13 USB Foot Control Cable
    Replacement adapter for Olympus RS-28H & RS-31H foot controls
  9. Olympus UC-90 External Battery Charger
    For external charging of Olympus LI-92B Battery
  10. Olympus F5AC Power Adaptor
    For Olympus CR-21, CR-15 & CR10 Docking Stations
  11. Olympus LI-42B Rechargeable Battery
    For Olympus DS-7000, DS-3500 & DS-2400
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    Olympus RS-31H USB Foot Control : Transcription foot pedal
    Special Price AUD$127.00 Regular Price AUD$149.00
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    Olympus DS9500 Professional Dictation Recorder with WiFi. Olympus DS-9500 Dictation Kit
    Olympus DS-9500 Dictation Kit with WiFi
    NB: Read more about a current issue affecting stability of the DS-9500
    Special Price AUD$649.00 Regular Price AUD$759.00
  14. Olympus CR-21 Docking Station
    Replaces Olympus CR-15 Docking Station
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    Olympus AS-9000 Professional Transcription Kit with Olympus ODMS Pro Transcribe Software & RS-31H USB Foot Control
    Olympus AS-9000 Professional Transcription Kit
    Includes Olympus ODMS Pro Transcribe R7 Software
    Special Price AUD$375.00 Regular Price AUD$429.00
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    OLYM DS9000 Dictation Kit with Olympus ODMS Pro Dictate R7 and CR-21 Docking Station
    Olympus DS-9000 Dictation Kit with Dock
    Includes Docking Station & Olympus ODMS Dictate V7 Software
    Special Price AUD$590.00 Regular Price AUD$699.00
  17. Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit
    Includes DSSPlayer Standard Software
  18. Olympus DS-9000 Dictation Recorder
    Includes new Olympus ODMS Dictate V7 Software (no dock)
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